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Now Available on SundaeSwap,  MinSwap
& MuesliSwap DEX!

Cardano - QuantumAI (ADA/QAI)

Fast & Reliable 
Real-Time Data

Our goal is to protect and secure the worlds data at the tip of it's fingers. The QuantumAI Security Protocol will change the way you use the Internet & IoT. 

QuantumAI is a Community based Token project and is open any and all idea's to make the future of cryptocurrency easier to understand and more secure. QuantumAI is developing a secure and decentralized governance model. A model to give everybody a voice, and control over the future development of the platform and the applications and services that emerge from it.



PolicyID: 354a6c0acd846b195768ead31c92693ad26d82ba013e7df5d9777081

Fingerprint: asset1nylmp38l5uq2szj6kguellahjvpsj6a7uhwxzs

Asset Name: QAI (514149)

Total Supply:  1,000,000,000


To become a liquidity provider on SundaeSwap by contributing to an existing pool, follow the steps in the link!


Secure Data You Can Trust


Q1 2022 - Completed

  • QuantumAI Token Distribution
  • Mobile Wallet Compatibility (Yoroi, Eternl/CC, Nami, FlintWallet, GeroWallet, CardWallet) 
  • SundaeSwap/MinSwap/MuesliSwap Exchange Listings

TBD - Delayed

  • Community Discord Chat - AMA 

  • Yield Farming & Liquidity Pool (10% Holding)

  • Multi-Chain compatibility (Polygon, Ethereum, BinanceChain, Solana, Avalanche)

  • Certik Blockchain Smart Contract Audit 

  • Listings on common exchanges 

TBD - Delayed

  • DEX Platform

  • Native Token & NFT Asset Encryption Storage 

  • QuantumAI Security Protocol

In Development

  • Market price and trend predictor

  • QuantumAI Threat Detector App
    (Protect your Crypto Assets, NFT's, Metaverse Games)

Mobile App Coming Soon to IOS & Android!
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Compatible Wallet Storage
Drone Camera


What is QuantumAI?

Quantum AI is the use of quantum computing for computation of machine learning algorithms. Thanks to computational advantages of quantum computing, QuantumAI can help achieve results that are not possible to achieve with classical computers. Quantum mechanics is a universal model based on different principles than those observed in daily life. A quantum model of data is needed to process data with quantum computing. Hybrid quantum-classical models are also necessary in quantum computing for error correction and correct functioning of the quantum computer. QAI is a tokenized computing security protocol that will have the ability to learn and create a Quantum resistant network through the Cardano Blockchain with it's AI computing system. QAI will be the future of decentralized quantum resistant protocols and will work hard to prevent AI threats and secure data.

What are the critical milestones for QuantumAI?

Although QuantumAI is an immature technology, there are improvements in quantum computing which increase the potential of QuantumAI. However, the QuantumAI industry needs critical milestones in order to become a more mature technology. These milestones can be summarized as:

1. Less error-prone and more powerful quantum computing systems

2. Widely adopted open-source modeling and training frameworks

3. Substantial and skilled developer ecosystem

4. Compelling AI applications for which quantum computing that outperforms classical computing.

These critical steps would enable QuantumAI for future developments.



Decentralized Finance

When the Decentralized platform is ready for public use, we believe it will revolutionize the world of finance as we know it. Bringing together Human and QuantumAI capabilities to help predict market trends, secure data and finance, Quantum resistant hacks with our built in QuantumAI Secuirty Protocol.



QuantumAI technologies will play a big role in the future of our society. We will work to collaborate Humans and AI technologies to make our human lives easier in all aspects of life. This will include Agriculture, Business & Finance, AI Ads and much more.



Faster transactions, better scalability compared to most other blockchain technologies. Easy to use peer-to-peer sending and receiving anywhere in the world with borderless financing.




Joseph Ibragimov

Founder of QuantumAI Token

The QuantumAI team is working hard to be the worlds leading cryptography security system and will revolutionize the world of Crypto-Finance and Data-Security with its QuantumAI Hack resistant Security Protocol. 

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